About Us

Spanish Translation Services is a company located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area.

The roots go back as far as Mexico where the company owner got very interested in international communication while working in the travel business attending groups of travelers from three continents going to Mexico.

Once in the United States, he was active as a translator, teacher and interpreter. His attention to detail and passion for translating, teaching and interpreting brought great experiences working with small and large companies, among those, Ford Motor Company, Rockwell International, K-Mart Corporation, etc.

His background in the automotive industry, web development and translating content from English to Spanish brought another very positive experience working at the Automotive Aftermarket Division at 3M for the last few years.

In 2015, Spanish Translation Services, LLC was created and a year later became active.

Language Translation is known to be a combination of art and science with many factors that could influence the outcome. When technical terminology is added, it becomes intricate. Yet, this has become our passion; solving the challenge and portray the correct meaning into Spanish with an easy to read style that flows well in the target language.

We are dedicated to work with manufacturing companies, retailers, distributors and marketers.

Spanish Translation Services offers an array of services that expand into multiple aspects of the digital world, Internet, and web development.